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Surface Texture And Journal Report - 1382 Words

CHAPTER 3 SURFACE TEXTURE AND JOURNAL BEARINGAPPARATUS Theoretical and experimental results show that the performance of a load-bearing surface in hydrodynamic lubrication may be enhanced by ‘engineering’ a definable surface texture onto the Inner Surface. These surface textures are in the form of protrusions (positive asperities) or cavities (negative asperities) of known size and geometry. The benefits of such surface textures include lower friction torque, higher load capacity and lower operating temperatures. The textured surface affects positively the cavitation’s zone by increasing the fully film fluid region. It helps in effective lubrication and thus it optimizes the bearing performance. In tribology, the four basic functions of texturing are: 1. To alter the flow and film thickness of lubricating fluids locally and across the contact region. 2. To serve as channels to supply lubricant to a surface. 3. To alter the bearing pressure distribution. 3.1 Surface Textures The texture of any surface is defined by the inherent surface topography it exhibits. All surfaces have a unique texture and structure and all manufactured surfaces are ‘Engineered’ [22]. Design engineers have an understanding of the relationship between surface texture and its function. Deterministic surface textures are those that have specific structured pattern and that are amenable to a sensible description. Such deterministic surface textures are deliberately manufactured in order to improveShow MoreRelatedSmartphone Based Wound Assessment System For Diabetes Patients1537 Words   |  7 PagesCurrent clinical methodologies have restricted precision for wound size estimations. The portable application prompts a patient to take a picture of their injury, and after that it sends the picture to the host server. The server yields the figured surface range to the application where the information focuses are put away. The central segments of the arrangement incorporate the Phone Application, Wound Measurement Code, and Host Server. II. OBJECTIVES The objective of the proposed system is givenRead MoreThe Alberta Tar Sands: Factors Affecting Extraction and Production of Fossil Fuels1290 Words   |  5 Pagessome portion of oil, sand, clay, water, and even asphalt. The mixture creates a black viscous substance in which can be refined an oil can be extracted from. The oil in this form is described as a thick semi-solid substance that almost honey-like in texture. There are a variety of ways in which the extraction of this resource can be conducted. However, all of these extraction techniques are more energy and water intensive than traditional methods of oil extraction and production. Generally, tar sandsRead MoreTaking a Look at Quorn898 Words   |  4 Pagesconcentrated, 71%, protein product. The mycoprotein used in Quorn was chosen above the natural gas system because the hyphae in the fungus are similar in length and width to genuine muscle fibres which gives the quorn a more realistic â€Å"meaty† texture. HOW IT COMPARES The Mycoprotein used in Quorn has been shown in two separate studies to increase insulin levels which decreases blood-sugar levels in participants post consumption. This could benefit patients with Type 2 diabetes - however thisRead MoreGeology of Flin Flon Area2085 Words   |  9 Pagestechniques; ii) identification and interpretation of volcanic, plutonic and sedimentary rocks; iii) identification and analysis of fabrics resulting from deformation and metamorphism; and iv) map production, thin section and hand sample analysis and report writing. This paper outlines the regional geologic setting of the Flin Flon greenstone belt, the greater Trans-Hudson Orogen, provides a detailed thin section and hand sample description of a sample taken from a grano-diorite component of the caRead MoreSynthetic Aperture Radar ( Sar ) As An Effective Tool For Oil Spill3300 Words   |  14 Pages2. Yue Guo and Heng Zhen Zhang, Oil spill detection using synthetic aperture radar images and featu re selection in shape space, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geo information 30 (2014) 146–157. 3. K. Topouzelis et al. Detection and discrimination between oil spills and look-alike phenomena through neural networks. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry Remote Sensing 62 (2007) 264–270. 4. Antonio Martinez and Victoriano Moreno, An Oil Spill Monitoring System Based on SAR ImagesRead MoreEssay on The Human Response to Physical Structure1583 Words   |  7 Pagessocial, physics, and architecture† (Popow, 2000, p. 1) among others. Physical and behavioral results of individuals and the material environment may be rather multifaceted as â€Å"elements of light and color (shade or tint, warm or cool) [and] texture (materials and surfaces) are taken into account† (Popow, 2000, p. 1). Color Colors have a significant impact on peoples lives. For instance, color plays a considerable role in self-appearance and in forming first impressions. Every individual had a favoriteRead MoreBest Practices Of Pressure Ulcer Prevention Essay1518 Words   |  7 Pagesbody of our patients. A detailed head-to-toe skin assessment and clear documentation can help the interdisciplinary team in generating individualize plan of care. I perform a thorough assessment by inspecting the patient’s skin color, temperature, texture, moisture, and for presence of wounds. I ensure that the information I obtained from the skin inspection is clearly documented in the patient’s chart and plan of care, and any skin changes are communicated to the physician or nurse practitioner. Read MoreBreast Cancer- Leading Cause of Death1436 Words   |  6 Pagescancer is uncommon in women 35 and younger, those who have a family history of the disease are more susceptible to the disease at a younger age . Approximately 5% to 10% of all breast cancers are hereditary. About 85% of women with breast cancer do not report a family history of breast cancer. About 5% of the other 15% appear to have a genetic mutation that sources the cancer. The risk of breast  cancer  is about two times higher among women who have a mother, sister, or daughter with this disease or isRead MoreDiabetes : Diabetes And Diabetes1919 Words   |  8 PagesMellitus Type I, Diabetes Mellitus Type II, Gestational Diabetes, and Diabetes Insipidus. The type of diabetes you are diagnosed with is characterized by the way the body produces insulin and how the body responds. According to the CDC 2014 Statistics Report, at present 29.1 million people in the United States have diabetes of 8.1 million of those people are undiagnosed. The ethnic groups showing the most prevalence of diabetes are Hispanics, Non-Hispanic Blacks, and Native American. The most commonRead MoreHow Pluto s Planetary Status Essay1892 Words à ‚  |  8 Pagesof ice? How about the New Horizons mission to Pluto to discover more about its surroundings and environment? Perhaps you heard about these through social media, such as a shared post from a friend on Facebook, or alternatively through scientific journals and articles. Pluto’s planetary status was decided by the International Astronomical Union (further referred to as IAU) that met in Prague in 2006. They came up with a list of criteria that a celestial body needed to meet in order to be considered

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Gangs Influence On Black Youth Essay - 2031 Words

Gangs have existed in America since the early eighteenth century, they first rose a outsider institutions that provided membership and sense of self to individuals who were not seen as part of the community. Traditionally, gang membership correlates to familial membership; parental and family membership in a gang elevates the possibility of youth also joining a gang. Though these outsider institutions have developed overtime, they pose some of the most violent threats to public safety, but also to those they say they will protect. It is this violence and lifestyle dominated by power associated with gang memberships that create an appeal to black youth and change the course of their lives. Gangs are a creation of an ongoing cycle, in which society has failed to improve conditions for teens who are looking for new ways to belong in the community. When analyzing gangs influence on black youth, it is important to first understand what motives lead them to join in the first place. In the article, â€Å"Predictors of Gang Membership: Variation Across Grade Levels,† the authors Antoinette Farmer and Timothy Hairston establish that risk factors for gang membership fall within five domains. These domains are individual, family, peer, school, and community Therefore, it is found that the individual factors accounting in the chances of joining are being an African American male, negative life events, and low self-esteem. Research found that the loss of a parent or close family member orShow MoreRelatedThe American Of American History Essay1523 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout the course of American history, the usage of gangs has always been embedded in the striving desire to be rebel, such as defeating the overhanging stature of the British empire. However as the 13 colonies formed a colonial gang in an effort to eliminate Bri tish influence in America, the definition of the word gang has transformed into an entirely different meaning. One common definition of a gang is a group of three or more individuals who engage in criminal activity and identify themselvesRead MoreStreet Gangs : Americas Growing Problem1056 Words   |  5 PagesStreet Gangs: Americas’ Growing Problem Gangs have increasingly become a serious problem over the past few decades. A report from the FBI’s 2011 National Gang threat assessment states that there are 1.4 million active gang members comprising of more than 33,000 gangs in the United States. This growth migration of gangs has had a negative effect on our youth. Gang violence causes fear and changes how kids behave in school. In a poll of 2,000 teenagers, â€Å"the respondents reported that their fearsRead MoreMurder Capital: â€Å"Chiraq, Drillinois† a City at War Essay1164 Words   |  5 PagesGang life exists as a lifestyle because of a lack of access to resources. Gangs are classically viewed as a by-product of social disorganization, the weakness of traditional institutions, like the schools, to replace the lost primary networks of the traditional world. Home of the Chicago Bulls and great players, such as, Michael Jordan and Derick Rose, who have won six rings and it is considered to host one of the greatest NBA teams of all times. It is the adopted hometown of the 44th President ofRead More90s Hip Hop and Rap1320 Words   |  6 Pagesacross America, and began to shape a new culture entwined with rap and hip hop culture. Some of the major influences to this new cultural phenomenon were Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG, and The Fa b 5 basketball team. As was made most tragically evident by the 1996 and 1997 slayings of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious BIG, two of gangsta rap s brightest lights(20). Also, The baggy shorts, the black socks, the swagger, the way they played the game -- a young, soon-to-be prodigy soaked it all in aroundRead More Crippin in Los Angeles Essay1122 Words   |  5 PagesAmerican gangs in Los Angeles originated mostly from the migration of African Americans from the South after World War II. In the 1920’s most of the gangs in Los Angeles were family oriented and it was not until the late 1940’s that the first gangs began. The gangs surfaced out the area known as the East Side, which is the area east of Main Street to Alameda. A lot of the gangs surfaced because of the racism perpetrated by the whites. There was clear segregation and racism against blacks, they wereRead MoreWithout a doubt, professional athletics has a huge role in today’s society. In the United States,1500 Words   |  6 PagesFootball League (NFL) are Black or African American, and 76.3% of the National Basketball Association (NBA) is Black or African American (Lapchick 2). Why is this though? These sports a just as popular with non-minorities as they are with minorities. And while some may say that Black people are just better at Basketball and Football than White people, that likely isn’t the truth, as being good at these sports just takes practice and dedication. I believe that urban male youth are socialized into seeingRead MoreSecurity Threat Groups And Prison Gangs1665 Words   |  7 Pagesand prison gangs are responsible for a lot of the crimes that occur in prison. Well-organized and highly structured prison gangs who have leaders and influences have been around decades. Gangs in prison can be described as groups whose activities pose a real threat to the safety of the institutional staff and other inmates and also to security of the correctional institu tion (Beth, 1991). These gangs always have strong leaders and use that leadership role to their advantage as an influence on otherRead More Gang Violence in the United States Essay1192 Words   |  5 PagesGang Violence in the United States Gang violence in America is reaching alarming proportions. Chicago police Commander Donald Hilbring states, Gangs are everywhere. All throughout the city of Chicago, the suburbs, throughout the state, throughout the nation. Chicago police state that so far this year, more than 100 gang-related murders have occurred. Everyday an other report on the evening news relays the tragedy of a child accidently caught in gang crossfire. The image of blackRead MorePolicing The Lives Of Black And Latino Boys1348 Words   |  6 PagesPolicing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys The book Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys was written by Victor M. Rios, containing 174 pages, and was published in 2011 by the New York University Press. In total, the book contains eight chapters with a preface, expanding on the methods and measures Rios used to collect information and interviews, and an appendix that Rios used to further explain the sociological impact criminology and race have had throughout history. The research for theRead MoreThe Toronto Anti Violence Intervention Strategy1564 Words   |  7 Pagesauthorities and institutions that play a critical role in identifying risk factors linked to youth offending. Part of this involves linking violence, with sociological constructs (e.g., personality characteristics, neighbourhood characteristics, immigrant concentration). For instance, Papachristos, Meares, Fagan (2012) propose that young people from neighborhoods saturated with criminal associates and opportunities for gang-related activities and drug tr afficking, more likely to become young offenders. The

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A reflective writing of the module within the academic year Free Essays

Within the academic year 201 2/13, I took on a module named Context of Business. It alms to develop and understand companies’ traditional and contemporary management and structural approaches (Chokshl, 2012). Within the academic year we were tested on our understanding of what was taught. We will write a custom essay sample on A reflective writing of the module within the academic year or any similar topic only for you Order Now This report Is a reflective writing of the year. This will be done by looking critically at the two assignments given to us. First assignment was to give a report of an organisational structure and draw up its chart. The second was to perform a group presentation of two companies of different sizes on various factors. This report will look in to the process, the challenges and outcome of each assignment. Assignment one: Presented at Week 6 The class was given an assignment to conduct a research of the structure of a business of our choice. We were to present our findings by researching the structure ofa business and draw up its organisational chart within six weeks. 2. 1 Outline First of all, I had to look for a business of my choice. This Involved in looking Into businesses In my local vicinity or further afar. I finally settled on Syngenta, An International agricultural business Into crop productlvlty and protection of environment (Syngenta, 2013). I then had to start researching Into the business to find out what sort of organisational structure it had. For Syngenta it had a matrix style structure, a structure where highly skilled individual form teams for projects (Stanford, 2007). I also had to look into its span of control. Syngenta had a flat structure of operation, a structure where there are few layers of authority and delegation is used to carry out task effectively (The times 100, 2013). From this I was to prepare an organisational chart, a chart which shows the way the chain of command works in an organisation (The times 100, 2013). For this I was to take into onsideration of the matrix style and its flat structure of operation to draw up Its organisational chart. 2. 2 Challenges There were some challenges I faced while conducting this research. One maln challenge was the declslon of which company to choose. There was no restrlctlon on what company one could choose and I had to find one for which I would be able to find all relevant information. Another problem faced was distinguishing between the company’s organisational structure and its span of control. had to go back to the lecture notes and other readings to find out their differences. As it was an individual ork I had no second opinion on matters and had to be careful that my decisions made were right. The assignment turned out to be more challenging than what I thought. This was due to the depth of research that was needed to acquire specific relevant information and the ability to back them up with substantial evidence. Over a period of time, looking back I can evaluate my performance as being done In a haste. This Is due to the fact that, not fully understanding the scope of the assignment given at the start of the work. This went against my time given hence I had to quickly do the work In order to beat the clock. Fortunately I was able to receive informal feedback from our tutor on our drafts. This helped recognise my mistakes was to give the audience a clear distinction between the organisational structure and the span of control of the company. I was warned on the penalty of improper referencing and plagiarism of content used. From what was given in the feedback for the draft I was able to develop on transferable skills such as proper referencing. In the end I was also able to learn new skills such as time management, the ability to plan and prioritise ones workload (The University of Manchester, 2012). 2. 3 Outcome Learning from this assignment, given the opportunity to another work of this type, I will dedicate more time to each aspect of the work. Key lessons that I have identified for this work, is the ability to properly prepare and conduct intensive research. Through practice I will be able to develop these abilities. Looking at the skills learnt, most if not all are invaluable and beneficial transferable skills. These are competencies that could be carried from an activity to another (Graduate prospects ltd, 2013). What might be able to hold me back will be the technicality needed in the referencing. Referencing is the process of acknowledging sources consulted in pieces of work (London metropolitan university, 2013). For this I can refer to the materials available on the university library services. Assignment two: Presented on Week 22 For our second assessment, we were given a group work to conduct. We were to form groups of 4 or 5 members and give a presentation to the class on the topic of comparing two companies of different sizes. We were to compare and contrast their legal and ethical issues. 3. 1 Outline The first thing I had to do was to form a group. We then had to decide on which companies to choose. For the sake of comparing them we decided on companies that are within the same industry. Kelloggs, which manufactures and markets ready-to- eat cereals and convenience foods (Bureau van DiJk, 2013) and Eat ltd, a I-JK fresh food retail company (Bureau van DiJk, 2013). Then from the chosen companies we were to compare them on certain criteria. Them being, their vision, a description of what a business wants to be in future. Their mission statement, a more current description of a company’s basic goals, philosophies and purpose (Chokshi, 2012). Also the size of the companies based on our own elements. Factors with affected heir mission statements and their legal and ethical issues. We then had to research on each company for information. After which we organised our data and created a draft. After the draft we designed our presentation for practising as a group. On the day of the presentation we made sure we arrived before time. We tested out our equipment and software on the screen and had a dry run so as to know how the actual event will feel like. We then presented our work when our turn approached and stayed within the time limit and allowed questions to be asked at the end. . 2 Challenges I personally encountered some challenges with this project. It proved quite difficult to form a group. We were not automatically placed into groups and the class was being selective with their choices. I was left with a two classmates without a group and a fourth was added under our tutor recommendation. I also had a challenge in my presentation skills. Presentation according to Oxford Dicti onaries (2013) is a speech or talk where ideas or pieces of work are shown and explained to an audience. I when delivering. I moved about too much and spoke too fast. But through practise and the help of the group I was able to develop on my presentation skills. I realised hat I did not only personally face some problems but also the group as a whole faced some difficulties. One of such was our communication skills, the ability to clearly and confidently express one view to an audience (University of Kent Careers and Employability Service, no date). As we were mostly new to each other, communication between us proved difficult. Noticing this, I decided we take some time for us to know each other informally such as having chit-chats before meetings. Boocher (1999) suggested that small talk is a simple tool that helps build rapport and trust with co-workers which in turn helps build communication between them. It helped build a bond between us and in effect our communication increased. Other obstacles observed were our manner of conducting our research. Due to each having different courses, our times did not align and we could not meet to discuss the work as a group as frequently as desired. We then went about this using phones and emails and dividing the work and organising our finding when we do meet. We also had the challenge of getting our presentation right. We had to make sure it did not sound robotic and was interactive with the audience without losing the content of the presentation. Looking back and evaluating my performance; I would say we had a good performance. Even though we had many challenges and obstacles it was the fact that we were able to overcome them that determined our performance. We received some informal feedback form our tutor at the end our presentation which was helpful as she said that it was well executed and needed few minor adjustments. Also after the marking we received a formal feedback both as a group and individually. As a group we were told that our time allocation for each aspect was good but areas of more importance needed more time than others. As an individually, I was told my communication with my team and audience was good but I needed to speak more clearly and assertively. 3. 3 Outcome In order for me to improve, the next time I will do some aspects differently, such as having frequent group meetings to prevent work being done in a hurry. Some key features that I have identified were my leadership skills. This is being able to motivate others and inspire them to take your lead (Graduate prospects ltd, 2013). Though it was a group work, I was able to personally oversee some aspects of the project which helped me develop such abilities. I was also able to develop my communication skills. Even as strangers to one another we were able to communicate efficiently between ourselves by the end of the project. By abiding to the 10 minutes limit we were able to develop our time management skills. In future, if I was to encounter other group works, the prospect of working with strangers might hold me back. In some cases this might be inevitable but it is the ability to adapt to this and establish a relationship that will help in the execution of the work. All in all, being given this assignment has had its difficulties and obstacles to overcome but it has lso developed my skills and taught me new ones. All which are critical skills needed in most career paths in this modern day. How to cite A reflective writing of the module within the academic year, Essays

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The Story Of An Hour Essays (641 words) - English Given Names

The Story Of An Hour By: Kate Chopin The story of an Hour, written by Kate Chopin, takes place in the nineteen hundreds. The story first takes place in the Mallard Household, with Josephine, Richards, and Louise. The setting is quickly taken away to a Newspaper office where Richard, a friend of Louise's husband hears of the death of Brently Mallard. The Author, Kate Chopin, sets us up for a gloomy story by informing us of a heart problem that our main character Louise has, setting us up to expect the worst. Kate then lightens the mood of our story by vividly describing the way Louise feels. But to only take this feeling of victory and excitement from us with a shocking twist. In the following paragraphs, I will evaluate the meaning of Kate Chopin's story and scene settings. Kate Chopin writes about a Wife who feels trap in her own marriage. Controlled by her husband, unable to live for herself. The author begs's with the death of Brently Mallard, by having Josephine, Louise Mallard's sister, break news to Louise gently as not to upset her. Kate brings us upstairs to Louise's bedroom as if entering the mind of our main character. The scene is described through a window, like peering into the soul. Kate then prepares us for a new beginning by setting us in spring. A season that brings new life, and a fresh start. The rain signifies clarity. The patchy skies demonstrate openings. Such as the feelings creeping upon Louise. Opening her up to something new. Spring is also the representation of Louise's new look on life. As the physical exhaustion releases her and she now feels free to a fresh start. Even as she looks to the future of her husband's memorial service, she still welcomes the overcome that awaits her with open arms . As Kate Chopin goes on to explain the new found feeling of freedom that Louise has found, she reiterates Louise's heart problem by her sister's concern for her wellbeing. As Louise leaves the room, the author explains Louise's feelings by describing her demeanor as a "Goddess of Victory". As if our main character has overcome a battle between previous sorrows and come out victorious with a new lease on life. As Louise descends the stairs, it is us leaving the visual sight into her mind. As she descends, leaving the height of her enjoyment, Louise is faced by a shocking site of Brently . As soon as us, the reader has just been shocked ourselves by the appearance of the now living Mr. Mallard, is it too late. Kate Chopin started us off in the begging with knowledge of Louise's heart troubles and then reiterated them before she left the room. This leads us to already know the ending as soon as Brently walked through the door. The doctors claimed she died from a "Heart disease - of Joy that Kills.", but thanks to Kate allowing us into the mind of our main character, we all know the true reason for her death. Louise Mallard's death was due to the sudden feeling of entrapment and physical exhaustion dropped upon her so suddenly, that it was too much for her heart to handle. In conclusion to my interpretation of, The Story Of An Hour. Kate Chopin describes both her setting and the mind set of her characters though Spring , as a season that is filled with new life. Kate describes the washing away of Louise's exhaustion by hinting at the smell of rain. A natural force that cleanses, and washes away her sorrows. Kate uses the room as the mind of Louise, by entering up to the mind by stair. Only to exit the mind, by descending the stairs, right to her death. Ending the story where it had originally begun.

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Notes to; Food with Feeling by Nicola Barker Essays

Notes to; Food with Feeling by Nicola Barker Essays Notes to; Food with Feeling by Nicola Barker Paper Notes to; Food with Feeling by Nicola Barker Paper This story is about a little family; mom, Anne Marie, dad, Steve and child, Finn. Anne Marie is pregnant and the only things she do (what we read in the story) is to bake every Sunday. She hates it. She is doing it to feed the family and to be the good house mom and because she hopes that it might bring the home some homely. Steve is working a lot and is not being honest with Anne Marie. Little Finn is saying that her moms food seems to be angry, it tastes very bitter and frosty bit it too sugary and full of air. After that every meal got a feeling -often a bad feeling, because she hated it; to bake. One Sunday evening for dinner, Steve is saying that he dont want the baby and that he is tired of her cooking. Anne Marie gets quiet and go cleaning up. -Anne Marie compare baking with her baby, she says: maybe the baby Is the truth. I wanted the baby because I wanted to find out the truth about everything She Is trying to figure out what is going on -between her and her husband, her daughter, her child and her new baby. She wants to know and tell the truth. She Is trying so radar to be a good mom, but she chant only Just bake to make It good. -Steve has to accept her and first of all be honest with her. He might not love her anymore and same with her: she doesnt love him anymore. She Is tired of herself, the baby and the baking. At the end she says: l want to tell you the truth, and the truth hurts. She Is now ready to play all her cards, she will not held anything anymore. The baking make Anne Marble get out with all her frustrations and feeling. She cooks with feeling and passion; It doesnt always has to be a good feeling; In this case Its a bad feeling dying It.

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How Many Ways Can You Edit

How Many Ways Can You Edit In my opinion you cannot edit too much unless you have no idea what youre writing. If you have purpose in your project and understand the direction of your story, then youll know when the editing is done. How many times do you edit a story? Wrong question. The question is more along the lines of how many ways can you edit. I cannot tell you whats right for all writers, novelists, freelancers and copywriters, but I can tell you what I do when Im writing my mysteries. I also use many of these for my magazine projects as well. The ways Hope edits: 1) Finish the rough draft. (on screen) 2) Let it sit overnight at a minimum. A novel needs to sit for a week or two. 3) Edit it on screen for the big picture aspects. Does it have a beginning, middle and ending? Does it open strong and end strong, making the point clear? Did the middle sag? Is the plot solid? 4) Edit it on screen for flow, syntax, and flavor. Tweak dialogue. Revisit the climax. Dissect the pivotal scenes. Make the setting three dimensional and the characters real. 5) Edit it on screen for grammar, typos and spelling. 6) Print it off and pull out your red pen. Read it with a hard editors eye, slowly and methodically. You will see the story differently on paper than you did on the screen. 7) Now, read it aloud. You can read it to someone or they can read it to you. If the other person is not a serious writer, have them read it to you, so your ear can catch the mistakes, lulls and boredom. 8) Have a beta reader who is a writer read it. 9) Have a beta reader who is a voracious reader read it . Do not waste your time with someone who is not a solid, well-read recreational reader. They will not catch the boo-boos. 10) Hire an editor. 11) Find a copyeditor. 12) Find a proofreader. (You can often combine numbers 10, 11, 12 or 11 and 12.) One editing tactic that makes my work better is locating repeating words. As you read your work aloud, youll hear the words that are stated too many times. In my most recent manuscript, I took note of such words as I read it, listing words like HAND, LOOK, ROSE, UNDERSTAND, THOUGHT, and STOOD. Dont assume you repeat the same words in each of the works, because Ive found that no two stories are the same in the words I like to overuse. There are lots of steps to edit your work, especially your long works. If you wonder about whether youre editing enough, chances are you arent.

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The Oral Shift in Learning of Nursing Students Research Paper

The Oral Shift in Learning of Nursing Students - Research Paper Example The expected data for analysis is qualitative in nature justifies the methodology of research selected by the authors’. The philosophic underpinnings of research have been aptly discussed by the authors as they state that appropriate clinical experience is necessary for professional growth and development. Transfer of information in the form of oral shift report (OSR) has been identified as an important juncture wherein vital information pertinent to quality and continuity of patient care is exchanged (Skaalvik et al, 2010). The authors’ therefore, stress upon the fact that OSR can exert significant influence on learners’ (NSS) knowledge as their innate curiosity can be satisfied by sharing experiences with knowledgeable and well informed senior nurses’. ... Purpose The purpose of this study has been explicitly defined by the authors’ as an endeavor to ascertain the influences during OSR which could impact the learning experiences of NSs by direct observation in clinical settings where this practice is routine. They identified three nursing homes (NHS) within Norway where NSs usually are sent during the third year of their training to get firsthand experience under the guidance of nursing supervisors’. They carefully selected 12 participants and an equal number of nursing supervisor’s as participants’ in this study. The projected significance to the field of nursing has been described by the authors’ as reinforcement of theoretical knowledge by tackling real-life scenarios in consultation with experienced staff. Method The qualitative design of this study in the form of direct observation followed by semi-structured interviews’ was based upon the validity of such methods as evidenced through cite d literature by the authors’. The selected three nursing homes (NH) had identical staff-patient ratios and catered to identical patient-care scenarios. The number of participants’ in the study was however quite low (12, with 1 dropping out), which could have influenced the results of this study. Larger participation is essential to draw pertinent inferences. However, as the first author was the lone direct observer and semi-structured interviews were held at the end of this period, the study was capable of providing an indicative illustration of the effects and influence of OSRs on the participants’ gain in knowledge.